Member Registration Info

The Membership of PERKI is comprised of :

1. Cardiologist, Citizens of Indonesia registered in the Indonesian Medical Council and member of Indonesian Medical Association
2. Partner Members, who are spesialist in Cardiovascular Surgeonss, and cardiac anesthesiologist.
3. Honorary members, who are doctors whose service in the cardiovascular field has led to being nominated by the central management of IHA, and later confirmed and agreed by the IHA congress.


Members are entitled and obligated to the following :

1. Regular member have the right to vote and to be voted for, whereas Partner and Honorary members are entitled to give their opinions, proposals, and suggestions.
2. Regular and Partner member are obliged to pay an entrance fee and a contribution as set by PEKI and must follow the rules, regulations, and decisions of the organization.
3. The right and obligation of members are laid out in more detail in the regulations.

The total number og IHA in 2008 stand at 459 Cardiologist, spread among 33 provinces throughout Indonesia. Some of our members are also member of International Cardiology Society such as FESC, FACC, and FSCAI. All certified cardiologist can put FIHA (Fellow of Indonesian Heart Association) in their names.
The Indonesian Heart Association is also a member of the ASEAN Federation of Cardiology (AFC), the Asia Pacific Society of Cardiologys (APSC), as well as the Word Heart Federation (WHF).


Hereunder is registration form majored for member Perhimpunan Dokter Spesialis Kadiovaskular Indonesia ( PERKI) to get account in this application. Description of condition and obligation which must be fulfilled is visible here Registration Info or can be download in User Manual registration for member.

If you had comprehended registration procedures and order applied, please start filling registration form by buttoning following Start Registration.